A key part of our core business is collaborting on design/build projects with our clients. Over the years, we have worked with many architectural and engineering firms developing design solutions to build first-class facilities.


Before actual construction begins, our team offers comprehensive pre-construction planning and budgeting services. During this pre-construction phase, our team aids in design decisions, evaluations, value analysis, scheduling, and constructability reviews.

Value Engineering

Together with the architect and engineers, we'll work to make sure your project is well within your budget. We'll take an in-depth look at your plans and project specifications and explore cost savings options to bring optimum value to your project.

General Contracting

With more than 34 years of experience in traditional general contracting, Evans Construction has proven project management systems and the local resources to cover your project from concept to completion. We excel at delivering first-class facilities on-time and on-budget.

Construction Management

Working hand-in-hand with the owner during the entire construction process, our team serves as a key liaison between the customer and design team. We provide the necessary leadership and expertise to guide the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from design to completion.

Sustainable Construction

Exploring building methods that minimize environmental impact and promote the use of efficient materials has been transforming the way buildings are designed and built. We can attest to this first-hand after the recent completion of our latest LEED Gold-certified project.

Project Philosophy

It is our approach to bring together the Owner, Architect, Contractor, and key specialty trades in on the project as early as possible - working together as a collaborative team. This gives the Owner the tools to make sound judgments that assist in transforming vision into reality, all within budget. Our process works to remove traditional trade boundaries and eliminate the layers of complexity that add time and cost.

Project Execution

An integral tool in our project delivery system is the utilization of a cloud-based software platform that drives collaboration among the entire project team – from Owner, Architect, Project Manager, and Superintendent to all key Subcontractors and Vendors. This industry-built software allows the project team to:

  • View and update critical path schedules
  • View and upload revised drawings
  • Organize daily project logs
  • Track ‘Requests for Information’ (RFI’s)
  • Manage/approve change orders
  • Store progress photos
  • Share punch list items
  • Build warranty and close-out packages

This key technological tool promotes transparency and streamlines the flow of documentation to ensure everyone has access to the same set of information. Working from a mobile or desktop platform, it allows users from any location to keep documents, drawings, and other critical project data in one place. Utilizing this secure, cloud-based technology not only enhances team communication, but since data is continually backed-up, it gives the project team the assurance that no data will be lost.


Project Safety

Ensuring the safety of the entire project team is an integral part of every project we undertake at Evans Construction. In fact, Evans Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .90 exceeds average industry safety ratings. EMR, which is based on past safety claims, averages at 1.0 nation-wide. Making a continuous commitment to accident avoidance, Evans Construction enacts a comprehensive safety program for every project which includes training, tool-box meetings, and project-specific safety initiatives.